Saturdays are for the boys gaming Skin – compatible with PS4

Saturdays Are For Gaming With The Boys


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Saturdays Are For (Gaming With) The Boys……. As legend has it Saturdays Are For The Boys started one late summer night at a bar in Newport RI when an older gentleman decided to yell to his buddies “Fridays are for the men. But Saturdays….SATURDAYS ARE FOR THE BOYS!!”. Since then it has become a full blown nationwide movement for guys who want to take back their Saturdays. For your average guy the rest of the week is for work school family and all of life’s other responsibilities. But Saturdays….Saturdays Are For the Boys. Today the SAFTB movement is as strong as ever and has been by embraced by professional athletes college and professional sports teams and celebrities all over the world Saturdays Are For Gaming With The Boys
Makes Your PS4 Stand Out with the Official SAFTB Skin
Protect your whole console and controllers from dust and scratches
Kit Includes Playstation 4 Console Skin Two Controller Skins Controllers and device not included
Made Famous by Barstool Sports

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